Breakfast Biscuit Poppers Recipe

Breakfast Biscuit Poppers are the best!! 

The origin of this biscuit popper recipe is a great story you can read about on this site. The bottom line is that this biscuit popper recipe is easy and everyone I know that has tried them thinks they are great tasting too. Think about it. Cheddar Cheese, Eggs and Bacon inside a crispy warm biscuit. What's not to love?

So here is all you need.
2 eggsBiscuit Poppers - Breakfast Biscuit Popper recipe
1lb Bacon
Cheddar Cheese
Pillsbury biscuits

Before you can put together the biscuit popper, you must prepare all the ingredients. Start by frying up the bacon. Don't make it too crispy. Place the cooked bacon on a plate with a paper towel below and above the bacon to remove excess grease. Chop up the bacon into stamp size pieces or smaller. Next cook the 2 scrabbled eggs and put into a bowl. Now, cut the cheese. Seriously, cut the cheese into small cube sizes about the same as a sugar cube. Preheat the oven to whatever the biscuit package gives you. Get a cookie sheet pan and spread a thin layer of butter all over it. Now comes the fun part! take a biscuit and flatten it like a mini pizza. Next start putting a small amount of each ingredient. Add some scrambled egg, bacon and a cube or 2 of cheese in the center of the flat biscuit. Finally take the sides of the biscuit and stretch it out over the top to cover entire biscuit so that none of the ingredients are visible. It helps to pinch the biscuit dough shut and then pat and roll into a ball. Place the filled biscuit on the cookie sheet. You can use a biscuit or muffin pan if you want. Place them at least an inch away from each other. Bake them in the oven for about 12 minutes or whatever the biscuit cooking time tells you on the package. You may want to flip them over about 4 minutes before they are completely done so that both sides get browned.

The great thing about these biscuit poppers is that they don't make a mess. You can take them to go and they don't crumble all over the place.Breakfast Biscuit Poppers - Bacon, Egg and Cheese breakfast food recipe The kids have a lot of fun helping you make them. Even the fussy kids because they can choose what to put in the biscuits! Try different ingredients like sausage or ham instead of the bacon. 

"We Won't Stop Until You Try the Pop!!"

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The story behind the biscuit popper.

In December of 2009, my nephew Jason told me about a joke he played on one of his friends. One early morning Jason called one of his friends to tell him that they were going to Dunkin Donuts. The friend asked that they wait up for him, but Jason explained there was no way they could wait for him because they could not risk the Biscuit Poppers being sold out. His friend said "what? ....What are biscuit poppers?!!" Jason replied " Are you kidding me? You haven't heard of biscuit poppers?. "Dude, they are biscuits with bacon, eggs and cheese in the middle" His buddy replied "come on you got to get me some" " Sorry dude, I don't think so. I'll be luck if they have any left for me" 

As my nephew was telling me this story, I was rolling on the floor laughing because he did make these "biscuit poppers" sound so good. Some of his friends listening to the joke asked him after he hung up if these biscuit poppers were really at Dunkin Donuts. They were disappointed when they realized it was just a joke. When I finally stopped laughing at the story, I said let's make them!! So we made the first batch and the rest of the family gave the biscuit poppers rave reviews.

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